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But it means laying an almighty bogey. Traditionally Sheffield has been a graveyard where wins are scarce. All Rugby League fans want is to watch our teams play in games that mean something - and this one is huge. We implore all Hornets fans to make one last effort to get over to Sheffield and give your all in support of the lads. We need everyone on deck. With enough willing voices, we could make this feel like a home game - and we need every advantage we can. See you Sunday.

3 Minutes Avant La Fin Du Monde -

Bring your singing voice. Given the saving, how do people feel about donating a tenner of that saving to Hornets? But is this the stuff dreams are made of? A robust, gritty performance from a never-say-die Hornets pulled us level with a Swinton side who tossed away a half-time lead to ship a bagful of second-half points. But things started awfully for Hornets: nil down in as many minutes as Knowles made the extra man to exploit a stretched defence and then Delaney under the black dot off a Sykes break.

The Hornets cogs finally clicked when Rob Massam out-jumped Worrincy to tap the ball back to the prowling Seta Tala to score. Dewsbury then produced a phase of shapeless, shoddy play - a series of knock-ons and penalties relieving what little pressure they applied. Tyler Whittaker with the extras - and a late penalty for good measure to give Hornets an impressive half-time lead, courtesy of 20 unanswered points. That became 26 just five minutes into the second half. More direct approach work from Hornets; Lewis Hatton arriving at pace onto a beautiful short-ball to score a try that was eye-catchingly elegant in its sheer simplicity.

The next half hour became a war of attrition: Hornets delivering some committed defence as they ran out of substitutes Joe Ryan and Dec Gregory with shoulder injuries; Joe Taira pressed back into late action despite a knee injury.


Meantime, Dewsbury threw the kitchen sink at a Hornets rearguard that refused to crack. Their only response a flukey 70m intercept from Worrincy, Sykes whittling the deficit to 10 points with 10 minutes to play. Short on bodies, Hornets sucked in for a desperate finish, but when Delaney exploited an exhausted defence on 76 minutes Sykes the extras - from nowhere Dewsbury were within striking distance at To refuse to lose.

With the clock showing 70 seconds remaining, Dewsbury took the ball to the heart of the Hornets defence - only for it to slip loose. Hornets played down the clock; Dewsbury conceding a penalty as the hooter sounded: Ben Moores running the tap into touch to give Rochdale Hornets a genuine shot at the impossible next week at Sheffield. With 80 minutes of the season remaining, the maths are brutally simple: Hornets win or draw at Sheffield, and Swinton lose at Batley and we stay up. A miracle is due….

This week, Rugby League fans crawled blinking from their fallout shelters to watch the sun rise over a brave new world where Super League calls the shots and everyone else follows in line awaiting their share of the crumbs. Rather than just stick with two up as League one has played for all season and suspend relegation for a year, the brains at Red Hall have come up with a convoluted playoff between the loser of the League 1 promotion playoff final and the bottom club in the Championship.

Monday, 17 September Strange Times. Nothing is at it seems. Everything is in flux. And, for the love of god, why? And it was to this backdrop that Hornets took a laughably bereft Leigh to the wire in a stop-start contest that delivered 22 penalties courtesy of the eccentric refereeing style of Mr McMullen. His interpretation of the laws left players, club officials and fans alike confused and frustrated in equal parts as what started as an intriguing contest between contrasting philosophies degenerated into a series of skirmishes that crushed the rhythm out of the game.

Tyler Whittaker the two and the Leigh fans stunned into silence. This time Seta Tala with the break, Richard Lepori in support and his inside ball slotted Danny Yates undert the black dot. Too easy, it seemed. Tyler Whittaker the extras and Hornets nil up after just six minutes. A whirlwind start. Not a good look. But Bailey overcame his embarassment two plays later - the spare man on a big overlap to walk in by the flag.

Reynolds hoisted the conversion attempt comedically wide: Reynolds better from the other touchline and - from nowhere - Leigh ahead The second half began a bit of a shapeless mess.

Terrorist’s Creed

Plenty of huffing and puffing from Leigh, ending in a series of knock-ons as they ran out of ideas: Hornets forcing passes, snagged for obstruction… On 51 minutes frustrations boiled over: a 26 man scuffle ending with Larroyer and Toby Adamson yellow-carded as instigators.

Feeling left-out, Hornets went upfield where Tyler Whittaker was rushed into missing his attempt by even more. The stalemate was broken on 63 minutes when Luke Adamson landed a resounding slap around the chops of Hutchinson. Reynolds edging Leigh ahead with the penalty. Hornets hearts were broken on 65 minutes when a last tackle Leigh kick going nowhere was - seemingly - knocked on by Larroyer, who planted the ball down more in hope than expectation.

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With pretty much everyone in the ground anticipating a scrum, Mr McMullen gave a try. Reynolds the two and Leigh flattered at With 15 to play Hornets were compelled to chase the game, but passes were forced, fumbled: Rob Massam the preferred outlet, but unable to capitalise a high ball squirming from his fingers, bundled into touch as he rounded his opposite number.

Ultimately - despite their best efforts - Hornets were unable to unlock a Leigh defence that pretty much parked the bus, hanging on to grab the win. As the Hornets players gathered together after the hooter, we were left to contemplate 80 minutes that represented the season in microcosm: undoubted commitment - but too many errors and no real abilty to find the knock-out punch with opponents on the ropes.

In reality, though, you have to consider the journey both sides have taken to get to this point. Their future as uncertain as ours. Indeed, Derek Beaumont spent a sizeable chunk of the second half bemoaning the performance of Mr McMullen.

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Two wins for us and two defeats for Swinton salvage our season. Where to start with the profligate basket-case that is Leigh Centurions.

Bonfire of the Vanities: Derek Beaumont burns a million quid. We have the list of departees as: Daniel Mortimer , Kyle Lovett. Indeed, since the arse fell out of the club, Leigh have won four of their last five games - their only defeat coming at Post Office Road against a Fev side with only 14 fit players.

See you Sunday - assuming we're still here Playing uphill, Hornets began slowly: switching off after a dubious Batley scrum, allowing Rowe to come barreling in to score after just three minutes. Scott knocked over the extras - an inauspicious start. On their next visit to the Hornets line, Batley were in again: this time Campbell out-jumping Deon Cross to score.

But as the heavens opened, Hornets crawled back on top of the game: forcing a drop-out off a Yatesey kick through, then a penalty for interference that gave them a chance to turn the screw - only for the set to end with a pretty ordinary kick caught on the full in the in-goal. Hornets handing over on the Batley line.

Now striving to extricate themselves from the arm-wrestle, Hornets went aerial for Jack Fox, but the kick fell too far from the goal-line to pose any real threat. And with the half hour approaching Hornets moved the ball swiftly only for Seta Tala to fumble. Where did their wealth come from? We are told it came first from selling supplies for the California Gold Rush of to Then they were said to have funded the construction of the Transcontinental railroad.

When they became Directors of the Central Pacific Railroad, they became immensely wealthy and the most powerful men in California. You can also find them referred to as Robber Barons, along with other prominent individuals of this era. Robber Baron is defined as a person who has become rich through ruthless and unscrupulous business practices, originally with reference to prominent U.

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I will wrap things up at this point, however, with my thoughts on Great Fires, and the like. I believe Humanity was on the completely different and positive timeline of the ancient Moorish Civilization up until relatively recently. This civilization built all of the infrastructure on the earth in alignment with sacred geometry and Universal Law to create Harmony and balance between Heaven and Earth.

The Beings behind the hijack of the timeline based much in the new historical narrative on the Moorish Legacy, but twisted and subverted from its original meaning. I think they created the worldwide mud flood cataclysm in order to wipe out this civilization, and create a new historical narrative, with an aim of controlling and dominating Humanity. In this process, they created the means to suck up all the vast wealth of this civilization…. I believe there is a connection between the Great Frost of Ireland in and , and the mud flood cataclysm.

The cause is not known and this information is in the historical record, but kept pretty much out of sight. I believe it took approximately years to dig enough infrastructure out of the mud flows in order to restart civilization…. What if all of the Exhibitions, Expositions, and World Fairs, starting with this one in , were showcasing the technology and architectural wonders of the original civilization before being hidden away or forever destroyed?

What if the original order of society was turned upside-down, and we have been the subjects of a vast human and social engineering project, not for our best interest but that of other beings? It started right next to the location where Circus Maximus and the Roman imperial palaces were built…. What could cause the complete destruction of stone masonry, like what you see from the Great Fire of Chicago…. In this process of re-writing history, a corporatocracy was created, which is a society or system that is governed or controlled by corporations.

It was superimposed on to the existing infrastructure. It was said to have been built in The New York World Building was razed in for, we are told, the expanded car ramp entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge.

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Encyclopedia of Clothing and Fashion

A marvel of human engineering torn down for a car ramp entrance. Does this make sense? I am going to be taking a close look at historical fires in different countries in this post, recorded in the historical narrative as having occurred between and There was a two-day fire in San Francisco in early May of that was said to have destroyed as much as three-quarters of San Francisco. Here is the map of the Burnt District of the San Francisco Fire and a map of its exact location in the city today.

It was said to have occurred during the height of the California Gold Rush between December of and June of This was said to be an early daguerrotype, an early form of photography, of Portsmouth Square in San Francisco from , some time before June of Besides the fact that it looks like a mud flood scene, the fire was said to have started in Portsmouth Square in a paint and upholstery store on the night of May 3rd, High winds were said to carry the fire down Kearny Street, which runs north from Market Street to the Embarcadero, and on its south end separates the Financial District from Union Square and China Town.

This is the Columbus Tower, also known as the Sentinel Building, on Kearny Street, with its copper and white-tile exterior. Construction of it was said to have been begun before the fire, which it purportedly survived.