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Jump to navigation. Like the previous play, the Offering of the Shepherds appears to have been rewritten after the compilation of the Ordo paginarum in and before the pageant was entered in the Register. Shrewsbury School VI, fols. The one example from York that illustrates the Adoration is from the sixteenth century: a carved staircase panel from the Bar Convent.

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The first shepherd knows the prediction of the Patriarchs and Prophets that a prince shall be born in Bethlehem, and the other two will also prove themselves knowledgeable in this respect. They are thus not ordinary shepherds but rather in a symbolic sense also representative of spiritual shepherds, the clergy, who are leaders in maintaining the adoration of the Child in the liturgy. Shepherds often appear with bagpipes see Rastall, Heaven Singing , pp.

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A glance at the Last Day of history, when Satan will finally and permanently be overcome, but also relevant to the everyday struggle against temptation. The second shepherd is called by name. The first shepherd also calls the third shepherd by name. This would appear to refer to the star, not yet the angel or angels, though a selcouthe sight nevertheless.

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The text of the Gloria is liturgical, differing from the Vulgate version in Luke which has altissimis instead of excelsis , and would presumably have been sung from musical notation so would require an experienced church musician. Harley is reproduced in Rastall, Heaven Singing , pl. There is good reason to suspect that instruments might have been included since in iconography they appear frequently in representations of heavenly music. The shepherds sing in procession as they cross to where the Child and his parents are located.

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No indication in the York text is present to suggest the nature of the music, and the staging is not clarified either. Bells were considered to be a useful defense against the devil. Hazelnuts on a string, probably as a bracelet. A large spoon, designated as to size large enough to hold forty peas. Mirthe , in this context, simply suggests singing; see Dutka, Music , p.

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However, it is possible that Clerke was noting only a missing final song, already cited in the final line of text, and not any further matter. Cawley, ed.

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Cawley, eds. In most cases the line numbering in the present text is consistent with RB.

Lineation of alliterative verse throughout is based on Reg, with line numbering adjusted accordingly to account for half lines. Reg: supplied by JC.

Reg: large initial B sketched in. Reg: interlined by a LH. Reg: II. Parkey Organbuilders, Opus 8 and 9.

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Great Great Unison. Great 4. Swell Swell Unison. Swell 4. Choir Choir Unison. Choir 4. Ranks: Ranks: 8.

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Ranks: 7. Total Speaking Stops: Total Ranks: 49 ranks. Total Number of Pipes: 2, Swell to Pedal Reversible thumb and toe.